At what time do you trade?

We start trading at 9:15 am (est. time), and we finish at 4:30 pm eastern time.

Do you use robots to trade


No, we like  technology but in the trading world the moves are not square!

You need to analyze each situation before taking a trade.

We are live traders!

How do you teach on your mentoring program?

  We teach 1 on 1 at your own schedule. All webinars are recorded so you can watch it as many times you like.  

Is your service charge automatically every month?

  No, we belive that our service is excellent. So we will send you an email asking you to pay again at the end of each month.  

Do you have any refunds?


If you pay the fee, we assume that you are using it every day.

So we do not have refunds.